Introduction  to  Unix/Linux Operating  Systems
  1. Accessing Linux Command  Line
  2. Managing files  from the  command line
  3. Creating, viewing and  editing  texts  files
  4. Managing Linux  users  and  groups
  5. Understanding Linux Filesystems  Structure
  6. Linux Logical  Volume  Manager
  7. Filesystems Permissions and  Security
  8. Red Hat Linux  Networking fundamentals
  9. Managing Linux  processes, services   and  daemons
  10. Linux softwares  and  packages  administration
  11. Linux system  monitoring  and performance  tuning
Oracle Weblogic Application Server
  1. What is WebLogic ?
  2. Why do business needs WebLogic
  3. Installation of WebLogic on Linux
  4. Preparation , Deployment and monitoring of Applications
  5. Web Server Installation and  configuration
  6. Configuration and Monitoring of queues
  7. Configuration of LDAP
  8. Configuration of Database connections
  9. Configuration of security components
  10. Troubleshooting and Problem-solving in WAS and WebLogic servers
  11. Clustering, High availability and Load-Balancing
  12. Garbage collection policies